By John Solomon Sandridge
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ISBN: 978-0-9667336-17 (HC)
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All personal-change techniques work for some people.

Techniques in . . . *This Book Works Specifically For You.*

Therefore, why search for your purpose?

Life is too short, save time, do *!One-Great-Thing!* and become . . . *Your Purpose*.


"Positive attitude multiplies your opportunities."
Dr. Ronnie J. Nordan, D.C.

"I have read and related the book and guide. It is great. It help to create, promote thinking — your thinking."
Dr. Cynthia Toles


For over 59 years, creative visionary John Solomon Sandridge has been producing powerful and socially conscious art for individuals, collectors, nonprofit organizations, and corporations around the world. !One-Great-Thing!, his fourth book, is inspired by his personal and professional experience as a self-taught artist. The book is designed to enable readers to adjust their attitudes and positively change their lives through a series of intricately engineered, thought-inspiring short passages accompanied by space for personal reflection.

Sandridge, also known as The-Black-Artist stated, “I’ve worked with many successful people from throughout the world. I’ve also worked with people who grew up like me in poverty, and the major difference I have seen between those who have and those who don’t is their attitudes. So I put together a book to simplify things, and help anyone see that it’s all about attitude.”

Sandridge recalls the attitude shift that occurred early in his life. “I knew my mother and father were doing the best they could do, but it wasn’t how I wanted to continue to live,” he explains. “So my attitude as a kid was, ‘I’m going to be successful. I’m going to do something important.’ ” This book comes from that attitude.

!One-Great-Thing! distinguishes itself from Sandridge’s other literary works through its uniquely creative approach to self-help, inspiring readers to change their lives, and in turn the world by simply changing their attitudes. The horizontal layout of the book will strike readers at first as being formidable and imposing. The intention, and something that Sandridge considers to be the work’s defining feature, is to become aware of the direct link that is formed between the mind and the heart by holding the book open in such a way. “Not one thing is a mistake,” he explains. “This book is an artistic creation. From the layout of the book, to the formatting of its words, everything is intentional. It’s an art form to stimulate creativity and thought.”

The book itself is the mechanism for a larger movement initiated and led by The-Black-Artist. Sandridge is encouraging children, teens, and young adults to think, ask questions, and develop their imaginations in order to create a more positive world by first creating positive individuals through an attitude change.

The Number 2 Pencil Foundation Inc., established by John Solomon Sandridge, and publisher of !One-Great-Thing!, is working with schools, correctional facilities, nonprofit organizations, and corporations to generate discussions and drive conversations which focus on the importance of attitude. “We had business people ask, ‘Why is it you want to do this for people who are in prison?’ My response was, yes, they are in prison, but most of them, one day, are going to come out of prison, and ideally come out with a different attitude and become more productive citizens in the community they’re going to be living in,” Sandridge emphasizes. “With students, we want to assist them to develop an attitude that won’t allow them to become a slave to the system, and especially to prisons. We also want people worldwide to start their own discussion groups and connect via the Internet.” Information about discussion groups can be  here.