In a recent news interview John is reported to have said,
"I confess, I am in competition with Western art and its borrowed history..."

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I know no rest. My New Art celebrates humble efforts and many years of lying at the feet of Universal Creativity. Something no Artist has attempted since Picasso and Braque. "I owe nothing to my surroundings. These works I'm producing are infused into and through me, by The Creator of Life."This New Art flows from the brush as compositions of lines and colors which are harmoniously opaque, transparent, and luminous images, which interact with the surroundings and the viewers. My New-Art is art the world has waited for . . . Numinousneoism and Living-Art. My New-Art is inspired art. It comes from that special place every child knows about. Innocent takes them there where Universal Creativity communicates in them and through them. It's not make-believe.

It's another reality that is comprehensible only to the mind that's open to The Divine - the force behind Universal Creativity. Today, at age-61, I live in that special place. No matter what I'm doing, I'm there: listening and seeing what's on the other side of this reality, while living in this reality. After many years of being in that special place, I've been given something really special. I'm entrusted with the care of a new art form. And I began producing it in this reality on September 4, 2011, I call it New-Art: Numinousneoism and Living-Art

- John Solomon Sandridge 12-22-2011 

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