Surrender, Trust and Openness is the Feminine Equivalent of Masculine Courage.


To The Feminine World of Art

Which is Most Valuable . . .

Art? Human life? This piercing centuries old question is answered in various historical events. Art is like a beautiful woman: aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, a spiritual-wakeup call for the psyche and man has lived and died to own and protect it—her.

Our European Art World is controlled by the archetype masculine energy—light (sun), logic, and reasoning—and dominated by the white male. The art presented here—NUMINOUSNEOISM™ART—represents The New-World-Art. This art is under the control of the archetype feminine energy—dark (moon), intuitive, and spiritual—which will be dominated by women and people of color. The former is made whole by the latter and both must blend with the other to create . . . Unified Anima-Animus Psychic-Balance.

Feminine NUMINOUSNEOISM™ART will never overshadow the glorious accomplishments of the masculine European Art World. Its coming into existence is the spiritual-beckon that calls forth the feminine energy with her equalizing esoteric message: the destructive-masculine energy is to be tamed by the inclusion of the creative-feminine energy. Combined they will enhance the subtle Spiritual-Shift that is taking place in the collective unconscious: women embracing their animus (masculine side) and men embracing their anima (feminine side); creating the psychic balance that promotes inner peace, individual happiness, and worldwide unified-love.

NUMINOUSNEOISM™ART—paintings, sculptures, books, and music—is the unspoken feelings, thoughts, dreams, hopes, and directives of The Voiceless Ancient Original Black-Africans: ancestors of all races. Their messages expressed in this art sets them free: a Spiritual-Release from unmarked graves and watery tombs, which releases European and African decedents from the guilt-ridden greed to have more than they need.

NUMINOUSNEOISM™ART is making a GOoD-Difference by Saving-The-Future-Today: The Number 2 Pencil Foundation, Inc (501)(C)(3) receives 100% of profits, which pays salaries, and the production of art items—books, prints, posters, and t-shirts, which is created by The Black-Artist and given to children, teenagers, young-adults, schools, students, and libraries throughout the USA . . . “FOR FREE.”

“We give up traditional thinking and conventional living to have supernatural experiences.”

The Black-Artist John Solomon Sandridge