I am THE BLACK-ARTIST John Solomon Sandridge (aka IMmortal BLACK-BOY ART eMANcipationist). As a self-taught artist I owe nothing to teachers. At birth THE-CREATOR-OF-LIFE (God) infused my body, mind, and brain with imagination, creativity, and for 61-years it has consumed my thoughts and actions 24-7-365. Art flows through my mind and hands as luminous messages: paintings, sculptures, books, music, and videos. In a day I can produce 1 to 8-paintings, work on multiple sculptures, and outline books. This racing hunger does not allow me to submit to the conventional European (masculine) art world traditions.

During the 90’s my art and finances met as success. But that short-lived excursion into my childhood dream ended when I lost everything. Depression pushed me into a dark 11-year art hiatus. One night in 2010 after praying and meditating peace filled my chest. It was like sitting inside an impossible vision with my essence blending with everything. I heard the words “Numinous . . . Neo . . . Ism.” The darkness turned into a spiritual-awakening, and my first love returned. Months later I trademarked NUMINOUSNEOISM™ART: the first and only art style limited to the production and the lifespan of a single artist. Making its intent and purpose . . . an invaluable conscious/alert to the collective unconscious.

I give 60% of profits from NUMINOUSNEOISM™ART to The Number 2 Pencil Foundation, Inc (501)(C)(3). It finances the reproduction of art books, prints, posters, and t-shirts I create; reproduces art books, prints/posters, sculptures, t-shirts, videos, and music created by children, teenagers, and young adults; and these are given to students, schools, and libraries across the USA . . . “FOR FREE.”

I am honored to create NUMINOUSNEOISM™ART for the reason its Divine-Purpose is assisting in the establishment of The Feminine Art World: promoting change that betters relationships and lives of all people.

“An impossible dream flirts with three individuals. The first dates it and quits. The second dates it, gets engaged, and drops it. The third marries it living happily ever after.”

The Black-Artist John Solomon Sandridge

At the age of four, John Solomon Sandridge, known as The-Black-Artist, drew a stick figure on a page of his family bible. Since then, this vivacious, self-taught artist has acquired over 59 years of experimental knowledge by creating art for individuals, collectors, and corporations worldwide. Sandridge served as a commissioned artist for The Coca-Cola Company as well as the 1996 Olympic Soccer Committee. He assisted in creating an art curriculum, and teaching art, in the Gadsden City Schools’ arts program, and was the featured artist on the 2013 Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage Cruise.

In addition to his visual art, Sandridge has authored four books: Red Book and Cotton, The Black-Artist Tale, Papa-Cause: The Friend of Santa Claus, and his latest, !One-Great-Thing!. As an incredibly prolific 64-year-old artist, Sandridge continues his lifelong devotion to defining himself and perfecting his craft by creating paintings, sculptures, and literary works with a wonderfully voracious energy and passion.